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Drone Hacking Arena

PWN-a-DRN (PowN-a-Drone) interactive objectives are hacking challenges designed to compromise drones in flight and manipulate control operations in test, research, and game environments. These challenges are built using blown apart drones that simulate operational drones. Challenges may include disabling the Failsafe or manipulating flight controller, telemetry, and control data. We simulate operational drones to allow hackers to engage and exploit them. Our drones simulate multiple drone protocols (e.g. Team Blacksheet Crossfire, DSMX, and Join us at our Defcon Village to experience drone hacking at it's best. 

Objective 4 


Best active exploit to manipulate in flight drone operations through remote interface/s.

Objective 5


Best Passive exploit to manipulate in flight drone operations following manual or remote interface.

Objective 10


Best overall demonstrated exploit of a commercial drone available in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Drone) DroneZone Arena.

What DEFCON is saying about DRONEWARZ ...

With over a million FAA registered drones now occupying our skyz in the US alone including the largest concentration of registered UAV pilots and drones residing in Las Vegas, NV.; the DroneWarz Village at DefCon, also in Las Vegas, opens the doors to this rapidly growing industry and offers the single largest expansion of DefCon attendance in recent history. 

Erin Patrick Owens - Founder of DroneWarz

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