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DroneWarz is a grass-r00tz initiative that was conceived of and started at DefCon23 as part of a Robotics hacking program. DroneWarz officially took to the skyz as an independent program at DefCon25 as a workstation within the R00tz Asylum village. This workstation was so popular that 

DroneWarz was asked to submit as a full village at DefCon for DefCon26.  

Now DroneWarz is an annual hacking village that is found at DefCon and R00tz Asylum to allow both youth and adult attendees the unique opportunity to participate in skill-based drone hacking challenges and explore ways to improve drone safety and operational responsibility in our occupied skyz. DroneWarz is now the first R00tz workstation to become a full DefCon village.

What DEFCON said about DRONEWARZ at DefCon25 ...

I had no idea how cool R00tz Asylum was but you people have DroneWarz in here! That's Amazing!

Tarah Wheeler @terah, DefCon25 Crypto Speaker

See entire presentation here



DRONEWARZ in motion

DRONEWARZ founder DarkSkyz giving an imprompu talk at R00tz - Hacking and Robotics v2

This brief presentation was given at R00tz Asylum at DefCon 25.  r00tz Asylum at DEF CON is a safe and creative space for kids to learn white-hat hacking from the leading security researchers from around the world. Ages range from 

DRONEWARZ founder DarkSkyz and chief scientist H0m3l3ss H@cker introducing the program for DefCon25 and DefCon26

This is the DroneWarz program introduction for DefCon25 at R00tz Asylum. Team DW facilitated a workstation for building drones, race simulations, and our first payloadz release on Raspberry PI.  This program soared from these r00tz into a Hacking Village at DEFCON26. Much more to come!



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